Rohit Rai - Jul 31, 2020

3 Reasons why workforce identity is important

Businesses are increasingly adapting remote work to ensure business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. This paradigm shift has brought the importance of workforce identity to the forefront. In a previous blog, we explored what is workforce identity and access management (WIAM) and the various modules it encompasses. Today, we will delve deeper into WIAM to understand why it has become imperative for organizations to invest in a robust and secure workforce identity solution, irrespective of its size.

Enable efficient Remote Work: Most enterprises these days deploy a plethora of applications which are accessed by various employees for their day-to-day work. In most cases, employees toggle between apps 10 times an hour, which can be burdensome if he has to login every time. To top it all, most apps have complex password requirements these days, resulting in cognitive burden or employees using the same password for different applications. This practice can seriously dent the security posture of the enterprise infrastructure. With WIAM tools like SSO, employees can login to various applications via a single screen. It takes away the trouble of remembering numerous passwords. It improves user experience significantly, thereby increasing employee productivity. IAM systems can help organizations build effective and robust remote work environments. Providing easy and secure access to enterprise resources helps employees stay productive and ensures business continuity.

Build a robust security posture: Remote work is fast becoming the norm in today’s world. However, remote work brings the risk of exposing sensitive resources outside the enterprise environment, making it prone to attacks by cyber-criminals. Enterprises must be able to create, manage, and monitor workforce identities and accesses to safeguard enterprise assets from unwarranted security threats and cyber-attacks. Identity solutions help organizations demarcate accesses only to those who require it, when they require it. Security solutions like Zero Trust enable employee privacy, enterprise data confidentiality, and device security & performance. It authorizes access to an organization's systems only after enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication and adaptive & granular security controls to adjust access permissions on real-time, based on users’ context, location, permissions, and security posture. It scales and integrates with on-cloud and on-premise systems to dynamically apply security policies to new deployments. Fundamentally, Zero Trust allows only the authorized user to access the pre-authorized assets only. Rest remains safely out of reach.

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Reduce IT costs with better governance: Using a WIAM solution to manage all enterprise users and accesses, makes IT teams more efficient. These solutions standardize and automate critical tasks related to identity and access management, such as provisioning/de-provisioning, thereby saving time and cost to IT teams. Since these solutions track and record all identities and accesses within an organization, it can also be used to manage and meet industry compliance standards such as SOX, HIPPA, etc.

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Written by Rohit Rai